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Welcome to SportPet Designs, inventor of Chew King.

Being an innovator is an enormous source of pride for all of us, and it comes with a great sense of responsibility to you and your furry member of the family.

Product Safety and Testing
Our first priority remains product safety. While government regulations require us to undergo semi-annual product safety audits, we perform quality and safety tests each day. Having internal checks as well as third-party testers give us total confidence that the products we make would be good enough for our own pets.

Dog Approved
Once a product meets our stringent safety standards, we perform intensive usability research. In other words, we let the dogs loose on it! Our usability staff watches how dogs play and interact with our toy features. We decide if design enhancements could improve safety, durability, entertainment value, etc. Our goal is to provide you, the customer, the best dog toys possible at a family-friendly price.

Environmentally Responsible
We firmly believe that sustainable practices are the responsibility of everyone on the planet. Rest assured, when you purchase Chew King products, you are doing your part for the environment.

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And we’re just getting started. Come back often to see what we’ll cook up next!